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This open house was active from April 6-26, 2020. Information on this website may no longer be current. Email us for more information.


The timeline for the Augusta Lane pedestrian bridge and sidewalk improvements:
(subject to change): 

  • Survey and studies completed: winter 2019 to winter 2020
  • (current status) Preliminary design: late spring 2019 to early spring 2020
  • Permitting: late winter to early summer 2020
  • Open house: spring 2020
  • Final design: mid-spring to early summer 2020
  • Bidding: summer 2020
  • Construction: summer to winter 2020:


Augusta Lane Pedestrian Bridge and Sidewalk Improvements

Project schedule





  Winter Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall Winter
Survey and studies           
Preliminary design      We are here ★         
Open house                       
Final design                     
Date ranges are estimated and subject to change